Chapter 68: How to Keep Feathers From Passing Through Your Down Sleeping Bag

You’ll never be able to keep all the feathers in your sleeping bag, but there’s a way to catch some if they are only part way out.

If the feather is partially out you can simply reach behind the feather and pull it back into the bag. If this leaves a small hole, you can moisten the fabric and massage it a little which will help expand the fabric and fill the hole.

The greatest number of feathers sometimes escape when the bag is new and the down hasn’t fully settled. Most feathers leak through the seams.

Keeping a down bag laundered and clean is another way to minimize feather loss through seams and/or fabric.  When the down collects body oils it tends to be easier for the down to pass through since the slick, matted down feathers and small quills are more likely to work their way out of any tiny opening along the stitching.

Sleeping bag manufacturers will tell you not to worry about some leakage of down. It’s normal, and if you could see how many feathers are in an ounce of down, you wouldn’t worry about it.

I’ve had some bags for over 35 years. They’ve leaked some feathers every year, but it doesn’t matter. There are plenty left to do the job and give the bag great loft.