About Us


You could say Only The Lightest started in 1960 when I was a boy scout who quickly learned that packing light made hiking much more fun. In 1993 I took my hobby and passion and turned it into Only The Lightest Camping Equipment. We kept it simple from the beginning. Our focus has been on giving you good choices in lightweight products without making you wade through a ton of other gear. We wanted to do the right thing and provide everything you need to pack ultralight, even if it meant the extra work of selling all the small items in your pack. You'll find everything you need except footwear. You can choose from the most specialized ultralight gear manufacturers. When you talk to me, you're talking to someone who is just like you, a hiker who wants to hike light and have more fun. When the internet became popular we chose "Hikelight.com" as a second name so you wouldn't have to keystroke a long name to find us. Both names lead to the same great gear. The website offers a wealth of articles and videos on ultralight backpacking. We hope you'll let us lighten your load so you can have more fun.

Steve Green