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I have been asked by people here in the Stehekin Valley about my light weight hiking camping gear, they wanted to see it . I though it would be best to set it up so all could see it at once. So here is how it went down. On a Sunday I went to our small community Church, about 30 people where there, I asked our Preacher if I could make an announcement. So after the singing ended I walked up to the front. I have been paged as a bit of a black sheep so no one knew what to expect, I saw one person biting her lip. "Whether you are a Greek Orthodox, a Appalachian Snake Handler, a Mainline Presbyterian or like you all a Stick Pentecostal ------- On the High trails and Passes there is a new Religion, --------- hikelight.com, who's teaching are about Only The Lites, to day at one of our Sacred Sites, -------- The Bakery, you can view my camp gear. I need to leave now to set up my equipment if I can remember how". As I passed the Preacher's Wife she said "We will all pray for you". The Teaching at the Bakery was great, many new Converts and I topped it off with a Cinnamon roll.
Yours truly
Billy S"

This has been the best shopping experience that I have ever had for hiking equipment. You seem to know how important it is to a hiker to have the equipment in a hurry. I am doing the Long Trail in a week and a half and you got my order to me way before I expected it to be here. I am going to recommend your site to every hiker I know.
Thanks again,
Dan K"

"Steve thanks for the videos! Thanks to you my pack weight is under 11 lbs for 3 days! Thanks also for the great service on your website. Love the Mont-bell vest.
Jeffrey G"

"Thank you for such an informative web site. I have carried 65 pound packs up to 13,000 foot altitudes and felt I had no choice but to suffer the pain of those endeavors... The thought of shouldering that pack again on the second day with my shoulders screaming in agony was enough to keep me from planning another trip of that sort to once every 2 years max.... Now I feel I can re-enter the wilderness experience again and actually look forward to the journey, not just the destination!"

"I am a Webelos leader and will be a leader (or assistant leader) in one of our local boy scout troops in March most likely....I have been studying your website now for weeks, taking notes and narrowing down my equipment list to fit my budget and level of commitment to ultra light concepts..... I am a 50 year old single dad with a 10 year old son..... It breaks my heart to hear the parents of my boys not feeling they can accompany their sons on their backpacking outings in scouting because if back/ knee problems ect .... If they only knew that this can be an incredible and comfortable experience....I feel like it is my responsibility to raise the awareness levels of dedicated parents to help them understand that backpacking isn't a sentence to a "torture chamber" but an incredible opportunity to get to know themselves, their boys, and our beautiful planet in intimate detail."

"Kudos to you and your willingness to share your knowledge , even if it doesn't include items from your company....THANK YOU!!!
Richard P"

"I really appreciate your honesty, sometimes rare in business.
Your Customer,
Robert S"

"Dear Steve,
Just came across your site and can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles and making up my wish list. Wish I could chuck my hiking boots but after 2 years of trail running shoes, sore feet and a couple of sprained ankles I’m sorry to say that trail runners/cross trainers, just won’t cut it on these rocky, wet trails in NH’s White Mountains or in the NY, Adirondacks. I can see how well they work out west on those smooth dirt switchbacks. Maybe I’ll take your advice and chop twenty pounds of my body weight. ( easier said …..) Thanks for the work that you do. Will be in touch soon.
Sincere regards,
Ben H"

"Steve, I have made the rounds and watched all your videos. Great work! Very informative while staying concise.  You put me onto MontBell and I just bought the UL Down Inner Jacket. Thanks for expanding my knowledge.
Anthony L"

"Great Channel good info...

"I am from Norway and I have to pack a heavy system and clothes and stuff. I always try to pack lighter so your videos are GOLD for me. Your channel is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet so far in 15 years. Thank you!

"Great series of videos, this series will probably shave several pounds off my bag!

"This is simply the best series of videos around! And all free on youtube or at only the lightest's website! Professionally done with solid, objective research! I've ordered from the site as well and got quick, clean, service!
Jason K"

"It is phenomenal the evaluation you have put into this content to make one awesome channel.

"Great video and info. Thanks,

"Steve, your presentations are clear, straightforward, and intelligent. I've followed your advice and have already dropped 10+ lbs out of my 7-day pack for this year...keep feeding us advice!

"Great Video, took me along time to come across it, a shame.

"Awesome video! Get in, get out, don't waste the viewer's time; pack a lot of information in a tad over 7 minutes. Now THAT'S ultralight efficiency! :o) Thanks for that.

"Less is more! I'm all in! Thanks to Steve for this and for great customer service with my new tent and sleeping pad!

"I love these tips! thanks so much.. my pack's usually 25 pounds with food and water... I’d like to go lighter and this will definitely help me! thanks again!

"Absolutely the best ultralight hiking videos out so far. Thank you so much for putting these together for us.

"Thank you for saving my back and my knee...With all these videos and advice I was able to lighten my load. I can hike longer faster and have more fun doing it. Thank you again. Great video very informative and perfect.

"Awesome!!!! I almost bought a heavy tent.

"Excellent ideas. Love your presentation and the quick pace of them. Time is just right for an informative video.

"Thanks, Steve. I really enjoy your videos. With all of the terrible diseases that mosquitoes transmit, repelling them isn't just a matter of comfort. Per your videos, I bought some Permethrin and Picaradin. While the bugs are thick this time of year, I'm able to hike deep into the wilderness... string up my hammock and take a nap, and return home without a single bite. Thanks for giving the outdoors back to me.

"Steve, thanks so much for adding more content! Always find your style straight-forward and useful.

"I remember when I was a Boy Scout of age 13, I took a 40-50 lb pack for a week long trip. I still can't believe I made it through! I've just been getting into lightweight packing, thanks a lot for all your videos and work. Cheers.