Chapter 66: How to Repair the Netting on Your Tent

If you’ve got a piece of backpacking gear that needs repair, chances are there’s a specialized product that’s perfect for you. For instance, if the netting on your tent has a tear in it, there’s a product made just for that.

Coghlan’s makes a self-adhesive patch that will quickly repair nylon, fiberglass, and metal screens. It has a grill netting pattern on the plastic patch that might show up a little more than you’d like, but it can remind you where to treat the netting gently.

Clean the screen so the patch will adhere well. Cut the patch to cover the hole allowing at least ½” overlap.

Round all corners so there won’t be any 90 degree corners to snag and pull.

Peel off the backing paper and press firmly against the screen, rubbing the entire patch.

For longer-lasting results, cut the same size patch and press on the opposite side of the screen so the adhesive fastens firmly through the mesh with the other patch.

The kit comes with 3 patches that are 5” by 6 ½”.

Good luck with your repair. Keep that old tent functioning.