Chapter 61: How to Repair Your Camping Gear With Specialized Sealants and Tape

Don’t give up on your outdoor equipment just because it needs a little repair.

There is usually a way to fix a rip or tear in your gear. Before you toss any piece of gear, check the internet for repair solutions. Your local stores may be restricted by space, but the internet offers every gear repair product.

For instance, McNett Seam Grip can fix holes and small tears in nylon. I repaired a pack with a piece of large, clear tape on the inside and added a strip of Seam Grip on the outside.

I could have let it dry overnight, then taped the outside, and added more Seam Grip to the inside. I decided to test the strength of the repair with just one application. That was over 15 years ago, and the pack has given a lot of service during that time.

For repairs on silicone-coated tents and gear, you can use McNett Sil Net.

McNett and other companies make a wide variety of repair tape. There are a lot of color choices and types of tape. I have one kit that is made of mini ripstop nylon. I have another with a set of four colors of duct tape. You can also find repair tape in vinyl, nylon taffeta, or Goretex.

A combination of Seam Grip and tape gives you a strong repair. When you make repairs with any of these tapes, try to cut the corners in a circular shape instead of a 90 degree corner, so there is not as much that can catch on your gear.

You should be able to find any cord or accessory fastener you may have lost or broken.

Between the McNett, Coglan’s, Nikwax, Kenyon, and Granger’s repair products, you should be able to fix almost any piece of outdoor gear.

Good luck with all your gear.