Snowpeak Steel Manual Stove

It's rugged, safe, and dependable, and burns efficiently at high altitudes. The 110-gram fuel cartridge is 70% butane and 30% propane allowing it to function in cold weather.

The heat control is adjustable, right down to simmer. At just 3 1/2" high and 3 7/8" in diameter you can easily fold the stove and keep it with other items in your kettle. The Snowpeak stoves are much easier to use than a liquid fuel stove. The fuel cartridge easily screws onto the stove, so you can remove and re-attach it as often as you like.

You light it instantly with no pumping or priming, no messy liquid fuel, no complicated instructions, no loud roar, and you'll never need to clean it. It's fast and hot, burning at 10,000 (11,200 for the LiteMax) BTUs. Boil water while your friends are still setting up. It burns 210 grams of fuel per hour at the hottest output. It's a joy to use compared to other stoves. Snowpeak recommends you use only their fuel.

See a helpful video about how to use Isobutane/Propane stoves:



GigaPower Steel Manual 3.25 oz.   $39.95   No. 5059

3.88 oz. Fuel Cartridge (7 oz. total weight)   $4.95   No. 5057