Six Moon Designs Fusion 50 Backpack

Designed for long distance backpacks by long distance backpackers. The Fusion 50's unique design transports the concept of the lightweight backpack into a new dimension.

Designed for Comfort: The Fusion make your hike easier, wither you're hiking just a few miles or covering more than 30 miles a day. Its core structure combines Hip Belt, Spine and Shoulder Yoke into a stable and flexible frame system. With an easy to adjust torso length along with multiple sizes of Hip Belts and Shoulder Yokes, you can easily configure the Fusion for a perfect fit.

Designed for Loads: The Fusion's light weight belies it's load carrying capacity. Fusion Packs are designed to carry whatever gear you need comfortably. The advanced structure easily transfers weight to hips with no pack sag. Even under significant loads.

Designed for Durability: To endure thousands of miles of rough terrain, The Fusion, is constructed with lightweight but high tenacity robictm fabric. The exterior pockets are made from durable 4-way stretch fabrics. The pockets have dept so that they can hold a lot of gear.

Designed for Usability: With seven exterior pockets and one internal security pocket, the Fusion makes it easy to load your gear where it's quickly accessible. Side compression straps easily manage load volume without interfering with your pockets. Dual webbing tie downs easily secure a tent or sleeping pad.


• Deeper side pockets with Shock Cord Compression
• Internal Hydration Sleeve
• New Larger Size 10% Larger
• Larger Shoulder Strap pockets
• Integrated Spine that connects directly to the Hip Belt
• Top Loading with Dry Bag style Closure
• Minimal contact No-Sweat Back Panel
• Dual Density hip belt in 3 sizes
• Interior Zippered Stash Pocket
• Seven Exterior Pockets
• Interior Security Pocket for storing valuables.
• Compression system that doesn't interfere with pockets.
• Dual Webbing Tie Downs
• Dual Ice Axe Loops
• Dual Hydration Ports
• Contoured Cut
• Adjustable Torso Length
• Bear Canister Compatible
• 420 High Tenacity Nylon Robic fabric
• Bound Seams for additional strength
• Load lifter’s
• Sternum Strap
• Multiple Hip Belt Sizes
• Multiple Shoulder Yoke Sizes


Torso Sizes
Pack Dimensions
Maximum Load
Base Weight

15" - 22" | 38 - 56 cm
11"W X 8"D X 22"T
Gray, green
40lb - 18kg
17lb - 7.7kg
Lightweight Backpacking
Long Distance Backpacking



Pack Body
Body Contact
Side Panels

420 Nylon robic™
3D Mesh
210 Nylon robic™
4 Way stretch


Pack Volume

Main Bag
Extension Collar
Exterior Pockets

Cubic Inches




Pack Weights

Yoke Standard
Hip Belt Standard

Total Weight

30 oz | 850 g
1 oz | 30 g
7 oz. | 200 g
11 oz | 320 g

49 oz | 1390 g


Multiple Hip Belt Support

The Fusion packs come with your selection of one of our four Standard Hip Belts. Each belt is consturcted from multiple layers to provide both comfort and load support. The inner layer is a soft 1/8" thick 3D mesh. It is backed by a stiffer 3/8" thick foam core. To provide the structural rigidity necessary for load transfers, we added a rigid plastic sheet. This allows the pack weight to be distributed down and outward around your hips.

There is a cut out in the plastic at each end if the hip belt. When this is combined with our unique buckle, the hip belt can articulate and wrap around your hip bone. The unique 4 point buckle system allows you to lock the angle of the hip belt for a more comfortable and secure fit.

The dual pockets are each capable of holding 1 liter (60 ci.) of easily accessible gear. They are sized to be large enough to carry a small digital camera, GPS, snacks, sun screen or other items you need quick access too. Still they aren't so large as to get in your way.




Waist Sizes


Extra Small

24" | 60cm

26"-32" | 65-80cm

9oz | 255g


26" | 65cm

29"-34" | 73-86cm

10oz | 280g


30" | 76cm

33"-38" | 84-96cm

11oz | 310g


34" | 86cm

37+" | 94+g

13oz | 370g


1) When choosing hip belt sizes, you'll want to leave a gap between the ends of the padded section of at least 5". If you're doing a longer multi-month hike, you'll want to extend that by several inches to accomidate weight loss.

Multiple Shoulder Strap Lengths

The Fusion Packs are available with a choice of shoulder yoke lengths: Regular, Short and S-Curve.

Regular: With a length of 18", these shoulder straps are recommended for people with torso lengths between 17-21+ or people with short torso's 15-17" and large shoulders and chests.

Short: With a length of 15", these shoulder straps are recommended for people with small build in both torso length but also in shoulder and chest size.

S-Curve New: With a length of about 17", theses shoulder straps are recommended for Women or customers who need a different shape for their shoulder strap.

If you have an existing pack and it has a shoulder strap length of approximately 15" or your shoulder strap is close to bottoming out at end of your webbing. You should consider using our short shoulder straps instead.

Color: Gray/green

$230 No. 1550

Color: Hip Belt Sizes:
Shoulder Yoke Size: