Photon Freedom Micro Light With Covert Nose

It’s not really a spy operation, but the covert nose protects the LED and eliminates side light. This helps a lot when you use the Freedom as a headlamp. The clip is attached to a full-range swivel so you can attach it to a hat or other object and move the light exactly where you want it. Use the necklace option and the light is always handy and can pop in and out of the holder. You can easily adjust the brightness from bright to dim. This little beauty weighs only ¼ ounce, and the necklace and clip options add just 1/5 ounce.

Full range adjustable brightness
5 Safety modes (Blinking and signaling)
Easily replace lithium batteries on hikes
Ultra tough case
Visible for over one mile
24 K Gold-plated contacts
Water resistant
Made in USA

To see a helpful video about the Photon Freedom, click here:

$15.95   No. 4241