Wood Stove & the best size pot?

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Wood Stove & the best size pot?

Postby GoOz » Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:01 pm

Hi, I'm a newbie and am just starting to put packs together for myself, hubby and our young son, so that we can start some ultralight adventures. I'm looking at stoves. Love the look of the Evernew Appalachian set (don't love the look of the price tag) :? I'm thinking of getting 2 of us that set and then getting a Vargo Titanium Hexagon stove for hubby to carry with a 1ltr pot of some sort (maybe the Evernew pasta pot). That combo is a bit heavier but figure he can carry the extra weight. I'm wondering what stove you all recommend that has mulitfuel options and what size pot do you think is the most useful? I like the idea of a bigger one, at least 1 ltr, particularly if the pot is being used to collect water for purification. Thanks :)

Also does anyone know how the Vargo Hexagon & Evernew Appalachian set compare in performance with wood/fuel tablet/Alcohol?

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Re: Wood Stove & the best size pot?

Postby Uberbricky » Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:20 pm

I have recently started making pop can stoves, and using a 900ml pot and less than an ounce of alcohol, I can easily boil water in 5 min. The pot is 130cm diameter, and the flames just lick up the sides.

Sorry I can't speak to the other questions but I can say I'm very happy with the White Box Stove/pop can type alcohol stove. Is taking tablets not an option for your water?

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Re: Wood Stove & the best size pot?

Postby AkiKazeta » Fri May 23, 2014 10:48 am

The kitchen setup I carry largely depends on where I'll be and the duration I'll be out. As well, park restrictions can play a part in equipment selection (always check before heading out).

For short hops I don't mind carrying something a bit heavier. In these cases I have been pretty happy with my JetBoil Sol Ti (http://www.jetboil.com/Products/Sol-Ti-Premium-Cooking-System/). Add a spoon and this set is completely contained.

Like Uberbricky, I too have constructed a few ultralight alcohol stoves. There are plenty of variants out there and there are many YouTube videos to walk you through construction. Building one of these stoves is usually very inexpensive, easy to construct, and won't require specialized tools or materials. When opting for this type of stove, however, you really need to consider the volatility of liquid fuels. As well, once you've spilled the fuel, it's really hard to get it back into the container. ;)

Another ultralight (and inexpensive) option that uses solid fuel tablets is the Esbit Titanium Stove (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002AQET2C). I like the stability of solid fuel vs. liquid. As well, you can snuff out the solid fuel burn to conserve the remaining fuel for later use. (This can be done with liquid fuel but is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.)

Of course, with the last 2 options you still need to put together the rest of your kitchen (utensils, pot, windscreen, etc.). This allows you to customize your kit, CAN help reduce costs, and can be a fun challenge for UL ninjas. If you're not into that kind of effort then buying a prepackaged kit like the JetBoils or the Evernew Appalachian set is certainly more convenient.

Regarding the size of the pot, this largely depends on the food you're cooking. Are you just boiling water to rehydrate prepackaged meals? Are you planning on cooking food directly in the pot? How much water do you need to purify at one time? (There are several other options for water purification you may want to research.) I think, for the most part, the size is not as relevant as the weight. As long as it's light and meets your cooking needs the difference between 1L vs. 1.5L shouldn't cause too much concern.

Sorry... I can't speak to your last query regading the Hexagon\Appalachian comparison.
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