Little North Fork Santiam River. Tenkara Fishing?

Roger N
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Little North Fork Santiam River. Tenkara Fishing?

Postby Roger N » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:54 pm

I was up the Little North Fork Santiam River this last week and was impressed with the possibilities of trout fishing. There is a short trail #3338 that's only a few miles long and as I hiked down it all I could think about was fishing the river with Tenkara gear. I've been eyeing this stuff for sometime and am thinking of putting one of those ultra light poles on my Christmas list.

Anybody have experience with Tenkara fishing? The whole system looks incredibly light and easily packable. I found one that integrates into carbon fiber hiking poles. It all looks so intriguing.


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Re: Little North Fork Santiam River. Tenkara Fishing?

Postby swera » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:15 am

There's a lot of distance between Estacada and Stayton, so there's a lot of options; but both of your choices are excellent. As I'm closer to Stayton, here are some other options: 1) French Creek (one of the other feeder streams to Detroit Reservoir); 2) Thomas Creek (will require come hiking and just outside of Stayton); 3) Little North Fork area (Santiam River, especially up around the Opal Creek area; this also is just outside of Stayton); and few others.
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